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About the school

Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health (ISPHA) was founded at the Northern State Medical University (NSMU) in September 2006. Since 2007, ISPHA is providing Public Health education based on the European model of a 2-year Master of Public Health (MPH) training.

Establishment of the school and the MPH training in Arkhangelsk is the result of international project involving seven universities: Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk (Russia), Institute of Community Medicine of the University of Tromsø (Tromsø, Norway), Nordic School of Public Health (Gothenburg, Sweden), Umeå International School of Public Health (Umeå, Sweden), Mid-Sweden University (Sundsval, Sweden), Tampere School of Public Health (Tampere, Finland), National Institute of Public Health (Oslo, Norway).

Today the school is the recognized Russian leader of the innovative professional training in Public Health and is well-known in Europe.

Some facts:

- in 2007, ISPHA became the first and is still the only full member of the Association of Public Health Schools in the European Region;

- in 2009-2011, ISPHA’s students and teachers constituted the majority of Russian speakers at the European and World congresses on Public Health and Epidemiology;

- ISPHA’s students have been among the winners of Russian and international research contests in 2008-2011;

- in 2007-2014, ISPHA’s students and teachers have produced more than 200 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and the number of publications is increasing annually (see section "Publications").

In accordance with the Order of the rector NSMU №293 from 8 October 2014, Master of Public Health programme of the Arkhangelsk International School of Public Health is being administered by the International Faculty of General Practitioner of the NSMU.

The key responsible department for the Master's program in Public Health is the Department of Public Health and Social Work of the NSMU.


The mission of the school is to increase the level of knowledge in methods of research and practice in the field of Public Health and promote the implementation of this knowledge in Northwest Russia through providing a Master of Public Health education at the Northern State Medical University in Arkhangelsk.